Great Big List of Kids Websites

A list of fun websites for children:

Holiday Sites

  • Billy Bear’s Halloween Party – This site offers Halloween online games, crafts, food, and more for children. Printable games for Halloween parties are also available, as well as ideas for party games, and a fun Trick or Treat game.
  • Santa Claus – Santa Claus guides children through, “the merriest place in Cyberspace.” This interactive site features a Christmas party children can plan, a toy workshop to visit, a holiday sing a long and much more.
  • Meddybumps Ghost Walk – An interactive site for children that offers the chance to play table tennis with skeletons, meet the Pumpkin Pirates, and help cast spooky spells. children can tour a Halloween pirate ship, read interactive Halloween stories, and even learn how to build their own miniature pumpkin stand.
  • DLTK’s Thanksgiving Games – This site offers coloring pages and online games such as memory games, tic tac toe, hangman, bingo, dominoes, word mining, word scrambles, word searches, and more.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Fun Halloween – Sponsored by the famous ice cream company, this interactive site including sound and animation gives children a Halloween playground filled with games and crafts. Read more…

Book Review/The Hunger Games

This is a great book it is called “The Hunger Games” is a great book if you like action and there is three books The Hunger Games, Catching Fire,  and Mockingjay. The reason The Hunger Games is not very appropriate for kids is because there is a lot of violence in the movie and book and blood but I would say nine or ten at the age limit to start reading these books I have read them they are my favorite books think you would love them but not for sure. It is also good if you like having tons of characters and having scary parts and mystery in a book. Some characters I even forgot but in the books you start to remember all of them. It is very,very exciting and tons of action also i read the first 2 books on the third when you start you can’t end for reading I remember all the exciting parts even if there are so many. Like I said nine or ten to start reading this and if you read it you are just dying to see the movie or read the next book. If your kids are under the age of nine I would not let them read it or see the movie but what ever you prefer. Spoiler Alert: In the movie Hunger Games there is a reaping and Primrose Everdeen gets drawn to go to the Hunger Games where you have to kill and hunt for yourself and sometimes it’s not easy Primrose’s older sister Katniss Everdeen volenters for Prim to go into the Hunger Games and her partner is Peeta Mellark every Hunger Games there is one male and one female and Katniss and Peeta have a hard time in the Hunger Games Katniss uses bow arrow and Peeta uses alot of stuff mostly strength and there has been 74 different Hunger Games in the first book but the Hunger Games are very violente read the book to find out what happens. Read the book very good.


I recommend going to because you can get an account or just listen to music, movies, or little clips of anything.  If you get an account then you just have to sign up and then you can post your own things/music videos of you or others if you want too.  I think that using you tube is a great thing to use, I listen to music all the time, but I don’t have all the songs that I want to listen too.  So then I go to you tube!!!!!  Then I type in what I want, then click on one of my choices, so if you want great music videos, music lyrics, and just videos, then go to and have a blast!!!!!

Movies!!! Don’t you love them!!!

I love to watch movies, I think that it is sooooo much fun!  I am excited about all the movies coming out… that gives me more chances to watch them.  I like to go with family and friends too!! <3  Sometimes I wonder how long did it take them to make this, and look at how good of technology.  They would have to do a lot of hard things to make it look and sound so good!!  Well I think that movies are something that anyone is fit for, you might like chick-flicks, romance, comedy, or the children, I personally don’t know which ones I like most, but I do enjoy going, if you have gone to a movie in a long time, then just go somewhere and watch one, that you thing that you will enjoy.  Have fun!!!!! <3 Movies and have TONS of FUN!!! 


I have had experience with braces before, if you haven’t gotten them yet and you are excited, hate to break it to you, but they hurt.  I think that getting braces are actually ok.  They may be sore sometimes, but over all they are kind of relaxing, I am not saying that you should be getting them, because they aren’t fun, but after each week they get better.  I recommend taking a ibuprofen and then wait.  When you get your rubber bands, those I was all excited about too, but they aren’t that fun either, I wish that I never go then, but at the same time, I am glad!!! 

DS Games!

All I want for Christmas is a DS and some Games, a DS and some Games, a DS and some Games, all I want for Christmas is a DS and some Games!  Your child would love to have a DS.  It is a wireless little game player for you child.  You can buy games and cartridges to go in it and play on it.  You little one can also learn on this wonderful DS!  It is fun and easy, just make sure to charge them, it is only about $146-154 dollars in some stores!  Have fun, and enjoy!


Every kid loves a Zooble! Once you buy one, you have to buy another and another!  Zoobles are so fun for you loved one!  They come in different colors, shapes, and there is  not one is like another!  If you have a DS, you can also buy the DS game for Zoobles and take it anywhere you go, Zoobles will bring your kids joy and a new toy!  Once you get your Zooble, they will spring to life!!!! So go out and buy your kid/kids a Zooble today!  They will spring to life right before your eyes! Have fun!  Zoobles are fun toys for you and they are only $19.99 in stores, so get yours today!


I think that it is fun to babysit, even if they are older.  Here is some advice if you are having troubles babysitting!  I would start babysitting at the age of about 12 or 13, those are good ages, but make sure you know what your doing.  I would charge about $5 – 10 dollars for one child and one hour.  That is about the basics!  Have fun!1. Keep the kid/kids entertained!2. Make sure that they are having fun by doing things they like, but make sure it is safe!3. Make sure you have the parent/parents #, because if something goes wrong, contact them!4. Make sure that you are knowledgeable for this job, if you don’t know CPR and stuff like that, get in contact with a hospital, and take some lessons!Those are the 4 main things you need to know!

Lemony Snicket!

I recommend to all 4th-8th graders to read a Series of Unfortunate Events!!!!!  I personally loved the series myself, there is 13 books, 13 chapters, and later on in the book you will find more clues about 13!  I really enjoyed the whole series if you don’t have a high reading level if you read these books and you comprehend them, then your reading level should improve!  The great writer is Lemony Snicket, I think that the books were all fun and good to read, if you like mystery and adventure, this is the book for you!!


Everyone loves sports, well at least I do.  I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, softball, and I enjoy swimming!  Lots of people think that swimming isn’t a sport, but they are wrong… swimming, horseback riding, and golfing are all sports, people always think, no way.  But it is true, it is fun and anything is almost a sports, but I guess not everything, I recommend if you are a girl and you like sports to go out from volleyball or basketball, maybe even track or softball.  If you are a boy you would enjoy basketball, baseball, track, and maybe even more!  I recommend all these sports to you, if you are a boy you could even go out for volleyball, I know that lots of people think that volleyball is only for girls, but is isn’t!! Go out for sports to stay fit!!  Here are some tips on how to play!1. Keep your eyes on the ball2. Watch your surroundings3. Be a good sport4. Say good job to the other team5. Don’t brag or pout

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